Home removals London: Are you ready for the big packing?

Before you start packing the boxes, make sure that you have enough packing material and boxes available. These can be purchased at moving companies like this one http://www.homeremovalsinlondon.co.uk/ or buy in larger department stores.

Tip: How many boxes do I need? As a rule of thumb, a box per square meter. However, of course the number of boxes needed depends also depends on how much has accumulated over time. Therefore, you need prepare always a few more boxes.

House removals London – Where should I start packing the boxes?

Restart best with such objects, which you do not need every day – books and CDs, tablecloths or seasonal items such as skis in the summer. What are the rules when packing the boxes? Heavy stuff down, light upwards. The lower half of the boxes should fill each with weighty objects – then the remaining space with light removals. In this way, you prevent the boxes to be too heavy. A too heavy box can lead to serious health problems. Therefore, make sure that the packed boxes no heavier than 30 kilos weigh.

Tip: Sort all the items that belong together according to their size and weight. Little things like things out of the hutch, you simply put together in smaller boxes (e.g. shoe box). Therefore, you can pack your boxes specifically.Do not forget to write the pre-packaged boxes. Renumber the rooms in your new home and write the corresponding number on the boxes. So make sure that your team puts everything in the right room.

Tip: In addition to the “room number”, you can add and a colour, as and to highlight what is fragile.Accordingly, in this way, your helpers will know how they have to treat each of the boxes.

Home removals London- Wrap all in paper

Pack jars with the stem facing up. As a result, the risk of breakage of the glass is lowered. To check whether your boxes are packed correctly, you can lift the box and shake each one gently.